My Best Friend Married A Warrior

My Best Friend Married A Warrior

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  • TV /
  • Drama

RTS Bristol Best Composer Nominee 2021

Released on BBC iPlayer in late 2020, My Best Friend Married A Warrior is a drama from Drummer TV with a central monologue delivered by Aisha, a young British Muslim wannabe-influencer, dealing with the radicalisation of her best friend, among more universal teenage concerns.

My music for this film was nominated under the Best Composer category at RTS Bristol

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We decided the score needed to feel very modern, utilising the sounds and production of chart pop and grime, with the feel of a playlist shuffling through songs. We chop and change between different original tracks throughout, as Aisha’s mood shifts - Sometimes very bold big changes to tie with the jump-cuts, and other times subtly underscoring the tension.

For the sections around Syria, I brought in various samples of instruments like the Ney, Tanbur and Oud, warping these with sophisticated granular synthesis techniques to create interesting and striking musical sound design as samples and loops as a starting point for many of the tracks.